Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Romain Cartier, I'm from Burgundy, I'm originally from Dijon, I've always lived in this city and I've worked there all my working life. I started in real estate in 1993, then in the early 2000s I also started a training and coaching activity for real estate agents, mainly on the transaction side. I also have several other activities: author on various media specialised in real estate, host on M6 in the programme "Recherche appartement ou maison" since 2014 and radio host since 2015.

What are your best encounters thanks to your job so far?

These are mainly human encounters with clients, the fact of building something long-term with clients who have trusted me either in their search or in putting them up for sale and who have then recommended me to their relatives. Values based on recommendation.

Then there are also real estate encounters, about situations, places that have heritage, a discovery of all the properties that surround our profession.

What does your partnership with Cimalpes consist of?

Cimalpes is an agency that is always striving for excellence, and this mainly involves training and coaching its staff and negotiating teams. This coaching will help to strengthen the owner and client experience.

Which of the Cimalpes destinations is your favourite?

I want to discover them, because I don't really know the sector. Courchevel, Megève, these are names that resonate well. I want to know the market, it's a clientele that I don't know, and it's a way of doing things through these resorts that I want to discover. I know the prices of the region, the typology of the properties but I lacked a sensitive approach to the mountain sector.

What advice would you give to a future owner?

In an ever-changing market: knowing at what price to buy the right good, being accompanied by someone who knows the market to make sure you make a purchase at the right price, under the right conditions.

And to a future salesman?

More than ever, we need to surround ourselves with a professional, because we are in a very active but highly fluctuating market and only he has fairly accurate data on the evolution of the market, which is constantly changing.
The professional's expertise will help the client to sell faster and preserve his financial interests. He will put forward means and tools that are very competitive compared to what a private individual can do on his own, thinking of saving fees.