Are there codes to follow when designing a chalet interior?

Of course, starting with the choice of materials. Our clients are looking for authenticity in mountain properties, and almost unanimously picture timeless materials like aged wood, stone and metal. The same goes for decor, where they tend to prefer warm, cosy materials like high-quality wool. Our added value lies in coming up with variations that reflect the client’s personality.

How do you go about it?

We take the time to talk with our clients and to understand what we can offer them, for example in the choice of furniture to a contrast. We also aim to spice up the traditional aspect with contemporary touches thanks to creators like designer Benoit Chabert or cabinetmaker Olivier Dolle who are not afraid to put a new twist on the mountain fundamentals. Whatever the decor choices, the aim is to a ‘wow’ effect, to prompt a reaction along the lines of “this is amazing”. This can take the form of a high roof with rafters, or a backlit photo reflected in the indoor pool...

Have the expectations for certain rooms changed?

Yes, the ski room - where you store snow sports equipment like skis, shoes, etc. - has become a separate room entirely, with a textile floor covering that you can walk on in shoes or socks, a bathroom, or featuring a screen displaying weather and snow conditions. Likewise, we focus a lot nowadays on fitting out multi-rooms in chalet basements, which can be used as games rooms or home cinemas, and which have become popular living spaces where occupants can spend an enjoyable evening or chill during the day in the event of bad weather.

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Remi Giffon

Interior designer

Rémi Giffon is the founder of the Atelier Giffon, an interior design firm based in the Lyon region.