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Le Grand Bornand sous la neige

The Real Estate Market in Le Grand Bornand - Our Agency in Le Grand Bornand

Everything You Need to Know About the Real Estate Market in Le Grand-Bornand

Le Grand-Bornand has much to offer, and is attracting an increasing number of property buyers. Follow Cimalpes' comprehensive guide to the property market of this mid-mountain resort.


  • There are two mountain passes between the peaks surrounding the resort: Le Grand-Bornand Village at an altitude of 1,000 metres, and Grand-Bornand Chinaillon at 1,300 metres. The Col de la Colombière offers panoramic views of the rocky landscape. By contrast, the Col des Annes, is surrounded by mountain pastures and has some accessible hiking routes suitable for all
  • Towering above Le Village and Le Chinaillon is the famous Mont Lachat. In winter, it is the highest point of the ski area, and in summer becomes a take-off point for paragliders, and is also popular with hikers who come to enjoy the panoramic views
  • The Vallée du Bouchet between the Col des Annes and the village is popular with cross-country skiers during the winter season, who come to enjoy the trails winding through the silent pine forests
  • No matter where you are in Le Grand Bornand, the Aravis massif is always in the background. The mountains glow pink and orange at sunrise and sunset; regardless of season or time of day, the Aravis always offer a striking spectacle

Clearly Defined Buyer profiles

Families from the local area

Properties in Le Grand-Bornand are often bought by families with children. The resort holds the  Famille Plus label with excellent facilities for kids, and events and activities laid on throughout the season.

As with visitors to the resort, the majority of people who buy property in Le Grand-Bornand come from the Annecy basin or the Lyon area, and are looking for a second home in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Did you know ? The real estate market in Le Grand-Bornand is dominated by French and local buyers, with very few foreign investors.


The Bornandin way of life

People who love Le Grand-Bornand are those who appreciate the simple pleasures in life and the richness of nature. They like the resort's authenticity, strong identity and welcoming atmosphere.

Property buyers in Le Grand-Bornand also appreciate the fact that the resort remains on a human scale, whilst also being dynamic and lively throughout the year.

A transfer of clientele

We are also seeing clients seeking to relocate from other resorts, especially Mègeve, to le Grand-Bornand, because the resort where they originally acquired a property no longer suits them. They are also attracted by the lower prices here compared to other more prestigious resorts.

An Offer in Line with Client Expectations

The property market in Le Grand-Bornand moves quickly. As in many other resorts in the French Alps, there are many buyers chasing a limited supply of properties. Prospective buyers are quick to make offers as soon as the property goes on sale.

There are 5,732 dwellings in Le Grand-Bornand, of which 81% are used as second homes. For new developments, the average price per square metre is around €8,000.

Did you know ? Le Chinaillon is a prime location for developers, and many tourist residences have been built in this area of the resort.

With around 400 chalets that are 200 or more years old, Le Grand-Bornand is well-known for its authentic beauty and traditional atmosphere, and the number of chalets available for sale is certain to increase. The Bouchet valley is also experiencing significant development. This unspoiled area with its opportunities, scenic beauty and tranquility, is highly appealing to prospective buyers.


Cimalpes Sales

As with all of our other resorts, we have a good selection of two bedroom apartments in Le Grand-Bornand, and all our properties offer large living spaces in line with current buyer expectations. If there is one criterion most frequently requested by our clients, it has to be views over the Aravis massif.

Le Grand-Bornand stands out for its unique way of life, and is an excellent choice for a real estate investment. Our decision to operate in this resort was no accident, and its many advantages ensure that you will be confident in your decision to invest here.

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