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The Courchevel Le Praz agency opened its doors in the summer of 2019.

Cimalpes' fourth agency in Courchevel, it highlights new properties and brings together real estate agents and customers. The agents will be delighted to share with you the lifestyle that has made Cimalpes famous.

The whole Courchevel Le Praz team welcomes you to the resort!

Cimalpes Courchevel Le Praz
Rue de la Madelon
73120 Courchevel - France
Tél : +33479063425

Hours :
Lun.-Jeu.: 9h-12h30 13h30-18h / Ven.: 9h-12h30 13h30-17h

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Vincent Salm | Property Sales Manager | Cimalpes

Vincent Salm

Property Sales Manager

My role within Cimalpes: Develop a relationship of trust with the agency's clients in order to best target their needs on Courchevel Village, Moriond and Praz; and provide them with a quality service, transparent but above all human.

My recommendations: In winter, take the last ascent to the top of the Saulire, enjoy the scenery, then descend at dusk on virgin tracks of the world. In summer, run on the ridges of Mont Charvet to go down to the lake of Rosière: grandiose!