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Saint Martin de Belleville

Starting October 2019, Cimalpes will open a real estate agency in Saint Martin de Belleville. Meet your dedicated team dedicated in the Belleville valley.


Hameau de Caseblanche, les Grangeraies
73440 Saint Martin de Belleville - France
Tél : +33 4 81 65 27 02
Every day : 9am-12.30pm 1.30pm-7pm | Saturday : 9am-8pm


Hameau de Caseblanche, les Grangeraies
73440 Saint Martin de Belleville - France
Tél : +33 4 81 65 27 02
Lun.-Jeu.: 9h-12h30 13h30-18h / Ven.: 9h-12h30 13h30-17h

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Cimalpes Saint Martin de Belleville

Équipe Cimalpes St Martin de Belleville

Charlène Rellier

Rental Manager

I make it my priority to deliver the best possible service to the clients who stay with Cimalpes, as well as the owners who entrust their properties to us for rental management, in order to establish a relationship based on trust.

Get out hiking and spend the night in a mountain refuge to enjoy the magnificent landscapes and tranquillity that nature offers us.

Margaux Thiery | Property Sales Manager | Cimalpes

Margaux Thiery

Sales Manager

Due to my experience in the hotel and para hotel business but also thanks to my knowledge of the 3 Vallées sector, I wish to provide my customers, tenants, owners and future buyers with excellence and the perfect answer to their needs. I will try to be the person of trust and listening on the Belleville area for their vacation or real estate projects

Courchevelloise by origin, Saint-Martin is my heart station. This is the reason why I chose to migrate to the 3 Valleys and settle there. Why? Why? Simply because it knows how to combine authentic and chic and because it is good to live all year round!

Esmée Van Herzeele

Property Sales Advisor

Negotiator in the Saint Martin de Belleville area, my role is to find the ideal properties for each of my buyers and help them discover everything that the village has to offer. I want to offer the best possible advice in order to meet everyone’s needs. My priority? To be attentive and to really listen to my clients in order to build a trusting relationship with them. And of course to support them at every stage of their property purchase in the Bellevilles.

This village and this wide valley steeped in tradition combine Savoyard authenticity and high-end chic. A drink next to a warming fire in the village restaurant, and serenaded by the sound of cowbells, is the perfect way to round off a day on the slopes of the 3 Valleys. It is one of the most pleasant things that I can recommend to you during your visit to the Belleville valley.

Morgan Robert

Property Sales Advisor

Negotiator in the Les Menuires sector, I want to provide expertise and a high-quality service to our clients in our resorts. Buying a property in the mountains is often the realisation of a dream. The mountain world and the people in it fascinate me, and I am truly lucky that my job combines both of these.

The Belleville Valley (Les Menuires, Val Thorens and Saint Martin de Belleville) is my favourite because it offers something for everyone and, above all, the ski area is exceptional! In winter, go on an early morning ski tour to take in the beautiful landscapes, chill out on a sunny terrace at noon, recharge your batteries at the spa in the afternoon and relax by a good fire in the evening. In summer, a beautiful day hike in the Vallée des Encombres or a via ferrata, and breathtaking views. In the off-season, enjoy the calm of spring or the beautiful colours of autumn: guaranteed relaxation and rejuvenation outside of the busy high season Periods.