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Reclaiming VAT in mountain rental property


on 01/02/2022

Did you know that rental property in the Alps is eligible for VAT recovery? Under certain conditions, it is possible to improve your rental income all year round.

New or old: what strategy should buyers take?


on 02/09/2021

Real estate at the major resorts in the French Alps, like elsewhere, is divided into two categories: new and old. Should buyers consider whether to invest in one rather than the other? Benjamin Berger, CEO of Cimalpes, gives us his take on the question.

Where to Invest in Savoie? Our Advice Before Buying a Property


on 13/08/2021

Are you planning to buy a new or renovated property in the Savoie region as an investment or second home? The first step is to decide which resort is the best match for your criteria. Whilst every resort is potentially attractive to investors, some will be better suited to your requirements.

Where to Invest
in Haute-Savoie?
Our Advice Before Buying a Property


on 09/08/2021

Do you want to invest in a property in a resort in Haute-Savoie in order to build up your assets or to have a second home for you and your family? The first step is to decide which resort is the best match for your criteria. Whilst every resort is potentially attractive to investors, some will be better suited to your requirements.

Investing in a property in the mountains? Five tips before making a first purchase


on 02/07/2021

Do you dream of owning a chalet or an apartment in a resort? Before investing, here are five tips to help you define your project. The objective: to help you better understand the specificities of the real estate market in the Alps.

Property management with Cimalpes

on 05/05/2021

At Cimalpes, we don't just organise your stay, we offer you a complete concierge and property management service.
Because a property investment is not just about living in a property, but about living it to the full, with no constraints or worries other than having a good time, we offer you a year-round management contract. We take care of everything to offer you useful, impeccable and tailor-made services.

Meet Noémie, multidestination specialist at Cimalpes

on 01/03/2021

After consolidating its leadership in emblematic resorts such as Courchevel, Megève, Méribel, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Tignes and Val d'Isère, the Cimalpes Group is investing this winter in four new markets, bringing to nine the number of resorts in which it is present. 

Meeting with Noémie, in charge of the development of this project at Cimalpes.

Interview with ... Romain Cartier


on 04/02/2021

Romain Cartier, known and recognised for his expertise in real estate, has recently entered into a partnership with Cimalpes. Among his many activities, he is a real estate coach and trainer. It is within this framework that he has agreed to accompany us and that he is now answering a few questions!

Cimalpes publishes the 2020-2021 edition of the luxury mountain real estate market overview

Tendances, Finance, Prospective

on 15/12/2020

Cimalpes, the leader in luxury real estate in the Alps, presents the 2021-2021 edition of the Panorama, a benchmark analysis of the transaction and rental markets in the mountains. Based on Cimalpes' expertise, this new edition updates the main key figures on a resort-by-resort basis and offers a first observation report on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the market.

How can you improve your rental income in the Alps?


on 20/11/2020

Are you an owner-renter of a property, chalet or flat, in Courchevel, Megeve, Meribel, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, Tignes, Val d'Isere or another ski resort in the Alps? Our advice for optimising your rental yields and therefore enhancing the value of your property despite a 2020-2021 season marked by the Covid-19 crisis.

Cycling in the Mountains - Figures and Development Prospects


on 13/09/2020

Taking up cycling has become a significant trend in French society. Whether as a sporting practice, for short or long journeys, cycling tours or as a social or family activity, the bicycle is everywhere and the cycling economy is booming. In the mountains as well, cycling has become one of the activities of choice for a diverse spectrum of visitors, as well as other activities which enhance the appeal of mountain resorts.

The Best Mountain Property Investments for Summer Rentals


on 24/08/2020

When considering a rental investment, it is important to target properties which are attractive to summer rental clients in order to maximise profitability and build the best project possible.

How has Tourism Recovered After the Crisis?


on 10/08/2020

Winter cut short, lockdown… players in the mountain tourist industry reacted quickly to plan for “post-Covid-19” by focusing on a summer season focusing on local tourism.

The Mountains - Summer Refuge of the French


on 07/08/2020

The Covid-19 crisis has strengthened the desire of the French to spend time in nature and the great outdoors. The mountains are becoming an increasingly important tourist destination. Here, we give an overview of the benefits of a stay in the mountains and the open-air activities on offer there.

Transport : What are the Challenges in the French Alps?


on 04/08/2020

Against a background of ecological and energy-related transition, and given that the car remains the primary mode of transport in mountain regions, what are the major challenges and points to consider for transport in the Alps in the coming decades?   

New development : Les Chalets de la Combe


on 22/07/2020

Margaux Thiery and Stéphane Meyniel, your dedicated real estate experts and advisers for the Belleville market, present you in more detail this new program located a few meters from the slopes and the center of Saint Martin de Belleville. 

What Budget is Required to Invest in the Alps?


on 30/06/2020

Whether you are looking for a vacation property or an investment opportunity, the luxury real estate market in the Alps offers excellent value as well as structural growth. In this article we give an overview of market trends and reasons to invest in 2020, as well some pointers to help answer the important questions of which destination to choose, and what budget to allocate.

Winter 2019-2020: A season of fluctuating visitor numbers interrupted by the health crisis


on 14/05/2020

Station attendance wa uneven across weeks and mountains massifs and declined in  February due to school calendar. If the Covid-19 crisis is not to blame, this shortened season will have consequences.

Mountain tourism stakeholders take action against climate change


on 02/03/2020

While Domaines skiables de France * calls for "general mobilization" to preserve an environment and an economic sector "at the forefront of the impacts of climate change", mountain players are getting organized.

New program : the Vail Lodge


on 18/02/2020

Helene Delval, Romain Dadat and Baptiste Thouin, your field experts and dedicated advisers for the Val d'Isère market, present this new program located at the foot of the slopes in Val d'Isère in more detail.

A La Carte Hotel Services - the New Face of Luxury in the Mountains


on 07/02/2020

The art of mountain living, today, combines the flexibility of a private residence with luxury hotel standard services. In a crowded and primarily online marketplace, the quality of services on offer is a key differentiator 

Brexit: the end of uncertainty boosts British investment in the Alps


on 24/01/2020

After the victory of Boris Johnson's Conservative Party in the legislative elections and the announcement of a Brexit effective on January 31, 2020, the uncertainty of British investors is dissipating with the promise of a trade agreement. In the Alps, acquisition projects and requests for visits are on the rise again.

New development: Le Stallion


on 09/12/2019

Eric Legon and Jessica Descombes, your 2 field experts and advisors dedicated to the Megève market, present you in more detail this new program located between the village of Megève and the Rochebrune cable cars.

Nordic Sports: the industry launches a strategic study


on 28/11/2019

Nordic France is the industry association for operators of nordic snow sports resorts in the french mountain ranges. The association is launching a major study aimed at “giving fresh impetus” to the sector by 2021, according to its director Vincent Berlandis.

Summer Season 2019: The Mountains Hold Their Own


on 18/10/2019

Professionals and industry observers are unanimous: summer in the mountains is on the up and up. According to the National Association of Resort Mayors (ANMSM) occupancy rates are, on average, exceeding 60%. The good times are back.

PAYE: what are the consequences?


on 11/10/2019

Chalet and apartment owners in the mountains who receive rental income are affected by the PAYE system recently put in place in France. Cimalpes explains.

Le Parc Alpin


on 04/10/2019

Kim Dufour and Vincent Laloy-Lajoix, your 2 field experts and advisors dedicated to the Meribel market, present you in more detail the emblematic program of the Alpine Park located in Meribel Centre.


How digital has disrupted the mountain real estate market


on 27/09/2019

Like the media, finance or distribution sectors, tourism has been totally disrupted with the arrival of the web, social networks and smartphones; this is particularly the case in the mountain real estate market. The analysis of Benjamin Berger, Managing Director of the Cimalpes Group.

Rental income: what you need to know about the various tax systems


on 20/09/2019

Patrick Duin is the head of the personal tax department at the MG (Magnin-Gecors) consultancy, specialists in assisting property owners in the mountains. He talked to Cimalpes about the various tax systems available to owners with rental income.

New development: Les Chalets de la Stelvio


on 13/09/2019

Jean Philippe Sagne and Vincent Salm, your Cimalpes advisers on the Courchevel market, and in particular Courchevel Moriond, gives you a detailed analysis of the prestigious Chalets de la Stelvio programme. They will be able to listen to you for all (future) projects.

7 questions worth asking before investing in rental ski property


on 06/09/2019

When looking to invest in a ski property to generate rental revenues. Benjamin Berger answers: 7 key questions that should be asked to succeed in your investment project.

Who buys in the big resorts?


on 30/08/2019

Nationalities, profiles, strategies... Benjamin Berger, CEO of Cimalpes, paints a portrait of those who personally invest in the major alpine resorts today.

Climate: moving towards the “right snow


on 23/08/2019

Spotlight on the Météo Montagnes meetings founded by Christian Reverbel 20 years ago. A meeting place for the big names in this field, the event has become a travelling event to come and meet you.

Article 145 of the ELAN law: what are the consequences?


on 16/08/2019

The law of 23 November 2018 on development and digital technology, known as the ELAN law, is gradually being implemented. Article 145 concerns the terms and conditions of furnished tourist rentals. Its implementing decree is planned for spring. Overview.

Mountain renovations: challenges and resources


on 09/08/2019

Urban planning is often restricted by geography in the mountains, as well the increasingly rare or costly real estate in need of refurbishment. As a result, architects, interior designers and construction companies have developed extensive expertise to allow owners or buyers to get the most out of their apartment or chalet by undertaking renovation works.

The mountain is getting higher on the real estate side


on 02/08/2019

The purchase of an apartment in a ski resort is above all a pleasure purchase. But its rental can ensure a very attractive return on investment, especially with the ever-increasing rise of property prices.

What is the right altitude to buy at?


on 26/07/2019

Does it make sense to buy at high-altitude resorts to anticipate the effects of climate change on snow cover?

According to Olivier Builly, one of the founders of Cimalpes, it could be just as judicious to invest in the mid-mountain area if the investment has been properly thought through.

Summer 2019 in our resorts and activities


on 19/07/2019

Because summer holidays in our ski resorts are full of surprises and activities, we have prepared a selection of events taking place this summer, something to please families or groups of friends, athletes or artists. There will be something for everyone. Discover them now! 

National skiers: the present and future of mountain tourism


on 12/07/2019

In the 2019 edition of the International Report on Snow & Mountain Tourism, Swiss expert Laurent Vanat demonstrated the need, with the exception of certain cases, to develop national markets, both in terms of long-standing destinations and new arrivals on the ski market.

The Courchevel Le Praz agency opens its doors


on 05/07/2019

Good news! As our clientele is always growing, we continue our expansion by opening an agency in Le Praz, one of the most dynamic levels of Courchevel currently.

Megeve: our new sales team


on 21/06/2019

To satisfy our growing clientele over the years, we are welcoming two new negotiators to the Haute-Savoie station.

Decorating a mountain chalet


on 14/06/2019

Founder of the Atelier Giffon, an interior design firm based in the Lyon region, Remi Giffon talks about the principles and trends when it comes to fittings and interior design for mountain chalets.

Winter 2018-2019 in the mountains: overview of the season


on 03/05/2019

The winter season is drawing to a close. Benjamin Berger, CEO of Cimalpes, gives us an overview and outlines the major trends on the horizon for 2019/2020.

Winter 2018-2019 in the mountains: initial trends


on 28/01/2019

The first figures from the end-of-year holidays are in as well as the forecasts for the rest of the season - both new and continuing trends. We asked Sacha Bogachuk, Inessa Chauchaix, Lola Lambert and Lisa Maksikova, all Ski Holiday Advisors for the Cimalpes Group, for their analysis.

British investors in the Alps and Brexit


on 04/12/2018

On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, in line with the results of the referendum held in June 2016. To date, we do not yet know if the withdrawal agreement concluded on 13 November will be ratified in the House of Commons. A partner in the Knight Frank property consultancy, Roddy Aris gives us his analysis of the situation from the point of view of British investments in French resorts.

Summer 2018 in the mountains


on 11/10/2018

Co-manager of G2A, a consultancy firm specialising in the analysis of tourist flows in mountain regions, Gilles Revial gives us an initial assessment of the 2018 summer season in the Alps and the Pyrenees based on the occupancy rates provided by hosts covering a sample of 80 mountain resorts.