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British investors in the Alps and Brexit


on 04/12/2018

On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, in line with the results of the referendum held in June 2016. To date, we do not yet know if the withdrawal agreement concluded on 13 November will be ratified in the House of Commons. A partner in the Knight Frank property consultancy, Roddy Aris gives us his analysis of the situation from the point of view of British investments in French resorts.

Who buys in the big resorts?


on 20/11/2018

Nationalities, profiles, strategies... Benjamin Berger, CEO of Cimalpes, paints a portrait of those who personally invest in the major alpine resorts today.

Rental income: what you need to know about the various tax systems


on 20/11/2018

Patrick Duin is the head of the personal tax department at the MG (Magnin-Gecors) consultancy, specialists in assisting property owners in the mountains. He talked to Cimalpes about the various tax systems available to owners with rental income.

Summer 2018 in the mountains


on 11/10/2018

Co-manager of G2A, a consultancy firm specialising in the analysis of tourist flows in mountain regions, Gilles Revial gives us an initial assessment of the 2018 summer season in the Alps and the Pyrenees based on the occupancy rates provided by hosts covering a sample of 80 mountain resorts.