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It is in 2007 that Cimalpes expands its activity in Courchevel by opening its agency in Courchevel Moriond known for its pleasant exposure to sunlight.

After the purchase of the illustrious ''Agency 1650'', vacation rentals specialist since 1979 in Courchevel 1650, Cimalpes constitutes one of the most beautiful rental portoflio of the resort.

Cimalpes agents, who live and breathe the local Alpine culture year round, will advise you on the properties that suit you, the resort and its activities. Courchevel Moriond agents are delighted to welcome you to their agency!

Cimalpes Courchevel Moriond
307 Rue Sainte Blandine
73120 Courchevel Moriond - France
Tél : +33 4 79 08 21 09

Hours :
Lun.-Vend. 9h-12h30 13h30-20h / Sam. 8h30-20h / Dim. 9h-12h30 13h30-19h

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Jean-Philippe Sagne | Property Sales Manager | Cimalpes

Jean-Philippe Sagne

Property Sales Manager

My role within Cimalpes : As a sales manager on the Courchevel 1650, 1550 and Courchevel Le Praz sectors, I manage the relationships between owners and buyers so that each one of them is satisfied with his transactions.

I like ... : Apart from my job, I love everything that has appeal to motor sports, which is perfectly allied to my second passion: human relations.

My recommendations : Courchevel is a unique station, centred on a leading customer service, of which Cimalpes has been a major actor for more than 10 years now.

Team Courchevel Moriond