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Rental Management, Renting Your Property with Cimalpes

Our expert teams are at your disposal to rent your precious property

Cimalpes vacation rental expertise

A portfolio of properties carefully crafted

Since its creation, Cimalpes has made it a point of honor to guarantee a level of quality that meets the expectations of its guests. This demanding clientele looks for high-end to luxury accomodation with 4 to 5 star para-hotel services.

This is why Cimalpes allows itself to refuse properties if they do not respect the standards established by the brand.

A detailed and transparent rental revenue analysis

Once your property has been evaluated and accepted into the Cimalpes catalog, our rental experts will present you a detailed rental revenue analysis that includes:

  • A market study at the resort level and an analysis of the resort's performance over the past winter,
  • A report on the profile and behavior of the clientele of Cimalpes in relation to the resort that concerns your property,
  • An analysis of the calendar and markets to be targeted per week for the coming season,
  • A presentation of the functioning of our agency,
  • A benchmark to position your property and better appreciate our rental estimate,
  • A detailed rental estimate including services recommended for your property, agency commission, public rate, and your net owner's income.

VAT recovery program


Cimalpes is an expert in the field of the French VAT recovery program applicable to new-build properties under the para-hotel services regime. We put our expertise at the service of the owners of furnished apartments or chalets who would like to benefit from this program by renting their property.

VAT Recovery

What is the law?

French and foreign buyers can reclaim the VAT (20%) on the price of new-build property by committing to renting out their property for a period of 20 years.


How does it work?

Under French tax rules, VAT of 20% is added to the basic purchase price of off-plan properties in France. If the owner decides to remove the property from the rental market or indeed sell it, then they have to pay back a proportion of the VAT on a pro rata basis.

Cimalpes marketing & digital expertise

The commercialization of your property by Cimalpes is accompanied by numerous marketing & communication efforts. When integrating your property into the catalog, the marketing team establishes a marketing mix according to the category or price level of your property.

We will also present you with opportunities to boost the visibility and attractiveness of your property listing, whether by opting for options from our Marketing Package or by presenting you with the latest novelties in terms of marketing and digital as they emerge.

Why consider an exclusivity?

Cimalpes portfolio consists mainly of properties marketed and managed exclusively. The benefits for these properties and their owners are numerous.

An exclusivity makes it possible to simplify and centralize the implementation of services and the management of the schedule. In fact, Cimalpes is in charge of establishing the list of services to be included in the composition of your rental estimate and thus of your tariff schedule but also to set up these services when renting your property. This is how we can guarantee the level of quality and professionalism demanded by our customers.

Moreover, by centralizing the schedule, Cimalpes ensures the proper management of proposals, options and contracts. Our Extranet dedicated to our partners (travel agencies and tour operators) provides them with rates and availability in real time. We also assist our partners who wish to connect to the schedule and display on their own website the rates and availabilities in real time.

As far as the marketing and promotion of your property is concerned, if it is not exclusive, you will only benefit from a dedicated page on our website and on our Extranet allowing our partners to market your property internationally. While our exclusivities benefit from all the marketing and digital expertise of Cimalpes as detailed below.

In addition, our holiday advisors give exclusivities a priority treatment when answering to our customers' rental inquiries.

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