In the space of 10 years, the luxury rental sector has exploded in the French Alps, fuelled by a wave of investors seeking to turn a profit on their own vacation property.

Courchevel 1850, for example, has seen a more than threefold increase in the number of luxury chalets available for rent, from 20 in 2010 to almost 70 in 2019.

Under the impetus of real estate agents, and more recently by hoteliers, this expansion of the rental pool has been accompanied by the development of increasingly high-end service offerings, further encouraged by favourable tax incentives such as tax recovery.

The buoyancy of the market has seen an increase in the number of companies offering full service luxury rentals in the mountains.

According to Julien Chamoux, head of the Cimalpes agency in Courchevel 1850, “Today, everybody wants to provide luxury services because these are a financial godsend for commission-based businesses.” 

Today, the quality of services on offer is perhaps the key differentiator for a clientele who are becoming increasingly strategic in their decision-making.

Furthermore, simply having a high-end property in a good location is no longer sufficient in the current luxury rental market. T

oday, it is necessary to offer services ranging from beauty treatments and massage to in-house catering from a first class chef, not to mention transport of every kind.

Also essential are a range of sports related services such as organisation of lift passes, equipment rental and booking private lessons - perhaps with a former Olympic champion.

In today’s crowded marketplace, the quality of services on offer is variable. For Julien Chamoux, the skill is “understanding your market and clientele and what is required of service providers.”

This in-depth sector knowledge is what sets Cimalpes apart. “Our teams are able to respond to customer requirements, which we know about in advance thanks to a detailed questionnaire, allowing us to put them in touch with professionals offering the best quality of service.


Courchevel 1850 Rentals Manager