Owners: enhancing a property

The owner of an apartment or chalet may have several aims in mind when undertaking renovations.

It could be a question of creating value in view of a resale or to increase their rental income, or it could be to introduce modern characteristics to their property in terms of architecture, layout or decoration, while preserving the traditional mountain style. 

Buyers: opening up possibilities

For buyers looking to make a lifestyle investment, combining an acquisition with renovation works means multiplying the chances of finding the location or view of their dreams.

Indeed, an architect can reconfigure the spaces, alter the windows and doors or even suggest an extension to bring the property into line with the buyer’s tastes, while interior designers can work on lighting, the choice of furniture, colours and materials to a contemporary ambiance where the buyer can feel at home.

A good time for renovations

Conscious of the challenges associated with making their tourist accommodation attractive, resorts and local authorities have put in place a number of measures in recent years. The latter are designed to assist owners and buyers in their renovation projects. Launched by the semi-public company Savoie Stations Ingénierie Touristique, the Affiniski service, now accessible at some thirty resorts, is a one-stop shop for support in all aspects of renovation works:

  • consultancy services,
  • financing,
  • progress monitoring.

Cimalpes also assists its clients by providing 3D simulations to help them choose the right specialist partners.

For any project, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal all year round to talk about it.