What’s the rental market like in the areas you cover?

The rental market in the 3 Valleys and Val d’Isère is very strong as these resorts are among the most famous in the world and catch a very international clientele which provides an excellent occupancy rate all along the season. Apart from Half-Term and New Year which remains pick weeks, December and February are very popular on the Eastern Europe, Russian and Benelux markets. Our resorts are among the only ones South Hemisphere (Brazil, South Africa, Australia…) markets are fan with. Then, Middle East, South East Asia and again UK / European clients come again in March and April to enjoy sun and the best snow conditions.

Lack of snow over the previous years is also a great advantage for our high-altitude destinations as 80% of the domains are above 1850 meters.

It should also be emphasized that many new rental properties in Val d’Isere, Courchevel, Meribel offer amazing facilities and typical chalets ambiances perfectly conform with the guests desire.

What’s the first thing a buyer should look at before buying a rental home?

As more than 80% of the buyers will enjoy their property, the first thing they should look at is their own taste and ski holiday projects! 95% of the buyers use to be tenants, which means that their purchase has great chance to meet the rental demand.

Rental-wise, we recommend thinking of the rental strategy: full occupancy rate, personal stays, exclusive marketed property… Investing in a property in our ski resorts is both safe and Life Style. Buyers will spend amazing times in their ski property and the rental returns will cover part or all the costs (up to 3.5% ROI). How the property is taken care of is also very important for buyers who wants to rent : hotel services, clearing the snow, delivering the wood, technical maintenance, administrative management… Very professional and specialized rental (KF) agencies are on spot with staff all year round !

What type of people rent out properties in the areas you cover?

Regarding nationalities: responses above.

Our guests are families, groups of friends, couples (…) looking for great ski areas but not only. After-ski and non-skiers activities in our resorts are amazing: excellent restaurants, fancy bars and clubs, shopping, exceptional spas, wide range of outdoor activities, culture20 to 40% of the guests do not ski! But they remain big fans of our destinations thanks to this unrivalled diversity of service supply. Life Style is central in our rental business. And 100% of our guests are potential buyers.

Is there such a thing as being too logical when looking for a potential rental property?

No, rental market and resale in the French Alps are inextricably linked. It is strongly logical to invest in a safe market and to expect rental incomes which will cover charges, taxes and various expenses. Then, the property increases in value, sensibly but safely.

What’s the key to finding a good rental property?

Time and advise are the keys to finding a good rental property. The best rental property will be advised by a professional specialized both in sales and rentals. Most of the information is available online. But local expertise remains the key to finding the right figures in terms of rates per week, rental costs, season attendance, etc.

How can people minimise their risks and maximise their profits with a rental property?

Buying in a safe market is the key. And looking at the figures is a tangible and pragmatic approach. Val d’Isere, Courchevel and Meribel real estate markets have never decreased which minimize the risks for the buyers. Besides, the rental market is even stronger as it gains market shares on the hotel business.

Therefore, we do not recommend to invest in a ski property with an ambitious and short-run ROI approach.

What are you top 3 tips for anyone looking to buy a rental?

  • Think of your personal holidays: Life Style, moments with friends and family. If your property is on the rental market, with the right rental agent, you will enjoy the same hotel services than your tenants / guests!
  • Choose the right local expert: your ski property deserves the best local team to look after maintenance, administration, etc.
  • Determine your rental strategy: are you expecting a full occupancy rate with high rental revenues? How long will you occupy your place? Etc.

Life Style must meets Return on Investment and you decide how.

Benjamin Berger

Managing Director of Cimalpes

Benjamin is the Managing Director of Cimalpes. He is active in rental, transaction and management in the resorts of Courchevel, Meribel, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val d'Isère and Megeve. A s a local, he is an expert on these destinations in which he has carried out all the activities of Cimalpes, in the field, in the back office, in reception or in marketing.