Mountain Resorts are Back in Fashion

This trend is borne out in the Savoie. Savoie Mont-Blanc Tourism reports a ‘satisfactory season’ in its summer bulletin, notably relating to summer rentals. This season should see the region report total visitor nights close to 22.6 million, a figure indicative of a resurgence of interest in the mountains as a summer destination. Further evidence of this trend is apparent in the increased attendance reported by 83% of visitor attractions and 64% of outdoor sites surveyed. For ANMSM president, Charles-Ange Ginesy, this clearly represents a “summer comeback for the mountains.”

A Net Rise in Attendance

Not only the officials are satisfied - mountain tourism professionals draw an equally positive conclusion, as evidenced by the Novamétrie ** survey commissioned by the AURA Region. With a 74% occupancy rate for commercial  vacation accommodation, 85% of Savoie and Haute Savoie professionals rate this summer season as good or very good. Elsewhere, 31% of professionals rated attendance good or very good. Across all sectors, 76% of professionals interviewed reported stable or increased (up to 10%) visitor levels

Heatwave: The Reason for the Recovery?

Notwithstanding the many factors influencing tourists’ choice of holiday destination, visits to mountain regions appear to have been boosted by the early summer heatwave. According to Savoie Mont-Blanc Tourism, the shortfall in advance bookings for July, announced at the end of June, was quickly offset by last minute bookings due to the good weather. In Savoie, mountain professionals cited the good weather as the primary source of visitor satisfaction. All these factors point to the increasing popularity of the mountains as a summer destination, with traditional beach holidays on the decline.