Nationalities: are the French still the most numerous?

Yes, they still represent the most frequent buyers in the market, but about half of the investors are foreign buyers. The French share varies between 45% in a resort like Courchevel, to 60% in Megeve. Then there are the British, followed by other nationalities, like the Russians, the Swiss or the Dutch. Depending on the resort, the breakdown may vary however: the British, for example, are more numerous than the French in Val d'Isere, and the Russians are especially present in Courchevel and Meribel.

Profiles: how have they changed?

Without generalising, we can draw out some new trends. Today, buyers are younger: 86% are workers. Their sociological profile has also changed considerably. The previous generation consisted of buyers who had worked in large industrial companies; for five years now, buyers also come from the web or finance industries.

Strategies: what do buyers want?

The previous generation first sought to optimise or reduce taxation. The new generation is sporty and seduced by a lifestyle specific to the alpine destinations. They look after themselves. They run, ski, mountain bike. But they also come for the quality of service of our resorts. They are looking for well-being and a certain lifestyle. New buyers want to be able to combine business investments with pleasure investments. They don’t mind shaking up the old ways and shunning what they see are too traditional products for more contemporary options.

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Benjamin Berger

Managing Director of Cimalpes

Benjamin is the Managing Director of Cimalpes. He is active in rental, transaction and management in the resorts of Courchevel, Meribel, Saint Martin de Belleville, Val d'Isère and Megeve. A s a local, he is an expert on these destinations in which he has carried out all the activities of Cimalpes, in the field, in the back office, in reception or in marketing.